Empowering people through Education
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40,000,000 USD

Tutellus.com is a living company since 2013. We're the leading P2P EdTech platform in the Spanish spoken world, holding 1 million users, 130.000 videocourses and clients in 160 countries.

Tutellus.io is the evolution of Tutellus.com: a decentraliced & tokenized platform where users earn money depending on activity they generate: the more they learn and teach, the more money the get. So we solve main problems in Education: poor motivation of students & teachers and the existence of a huge gap between Employment and Education; with Tutellus.io people can earn money worldwide, letting them to leave poverty and boosting their lives.

Token Platform
New Economy Movement ( XEM ) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
1,500,000,000 TUT
Team Members
Miguel Caballero CEO
Javier Ortiz CTO
Carlos López Lead engineer
Javier Calvo Data Scientist & Tokenomics
Karolina Szymanczak UX & Designer
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