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Making successful savings possible
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Trevi Token
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4,000,000 USD

Making successful savings possible. Trevi addresses the real problem behind why 69% of americans have $0 in savings. A lack of discipline. Competitors have made valiant attempts to solve the problem with no success. Year over year the number of Americans who save nothing increases, despite currently available solutions. Trevi believes in order to solve the problem you have to uncover the true problem with saving. It is easy to deposit money to a savings account. It is extremely difficult for most people to keep it there and even more difficult for them to make regular deposits and grow their savings. Trevi uses smart contract technology to allow users to set custom parameters around how they access their deposited funds. A user can choose to withdraw funds on a schedule, a date in the future, or only when the savings goal amount is reached. Users can set multiple goals and set custom rules one each one. They can share goals with family, friends, or group causes.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
6,000,000 TT
Team Members
Miriam Jones CEO
Michael Carian CCO
Saf Elmansour CMO
Tommy Goode CTO
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United States of America
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