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Trackr is an application initially developed for mobile clients (and soon a web client, similar to the official Ethereum Wallet/Mist) that lets users perform automatic analysis of their crypto investments. The user interface is optimized to provide users a snapshot of their profit/loss and identify areas for improving their investment strategies.

The purpose is for traders of all sorts to be able to use Trackr to 'predict' their future growth through a series of tools such as machine-learning predictions (targeting top cryptocurrencies), running Monte Carlo simulations on the users' portfolios or simply using historical analysis or media exposure prediction. The project already has a public Alpha which can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices and is capable of importing transactions from your wallet and visualizing your profit/loss trajectory.

Furthermore, Trackr has options available such as setting up market signals (buy/sell walls, volume changes, price changes and soon order book tracking, pumps/dumps) to alert the user defined on their criteria or receiving market signals when we detect a potential profitable coin based on our algorithms.

Trackr is different from other tools or sites such as Coindash, Blockfolio since it does not relate to just displaying your static assets and the values thereof. Trackr enables the user to run a wide set of 'tests' to determine their future growth; moreover, a lot of alerting capabilities are available (outside the usual price alerts).

We believe that by educating users, new or experienced, with valuable information will enable them to more easily make an informed decision on whether a certain development is worth pursuing. Users can also create 'fake' portfolios based on the simulations/predictions/histor ical analysis and watch their growth to see what they could've achieved.

Trackr will also be integrated into the Blockchain, making heavy use of smart-contracts. This will be the primary way for the in-app subscription and trading between users (such as sharing portfolios, models, specialized alerts).

Trackr will never ever send any of your data (even your holdings) to anyone, not even to our servers either. Everything is stored only on the users' client.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
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65,000,000 TKR
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Nabeel Amjad Co-Founder
Waleed Amjad Co-Founder
Steve Adamson Advisor
Chris Drew Advisor
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United Kingdom
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