The Rouge Project (pre-ICO)

Blockchain Coupon Platform
Project Overview
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Project name
The Rouge Project
Ticker (Symbol)
Timeline (UTC)
2018/06/04 0:00
2018/06/08 0:00
Raised (Symbol)
500,000,000 RGE

The Rouge Project is building an open-source protocol to reduce costs, friction and the need for trusted middlemen to produce non-falsifiable, non-repudiable and unique usage coupons. The growth of the digital coupon market is phenomenal, and this market is a perfect use case for the smart contract paradigm.

Rouge coupons are the future of digital marketing: trackable, verifiable, monetizable by customers or publishers, secure and frictionless. The Rouge platform will foster an ecosystem of decentralized applications (ÐApps) opening new possibilities for coupons.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
1,000,000,000 RGE
Team Members
Naira d'Arcollières Founder
Christophe Le Bars Chief Architect
Valentin D. Guillois Development Lead
Juliette Mage Project Manager
David Chang-Han Yi Business Development
Stéphanie Boisset Web design
Richard Sanders Community Manager
Dave Barton Copywriter
Country Base
Republic of Estonia
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