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2017/09/27 0:00
2017/11/14 0:00
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120,000 ETH

Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members.

Users are encouraged to engage in actions that will benefit other members and the community as a whole by rewarding such actions with Soma Community (SCT), a cryptocurrency designed to incentivize the members of the decentralized community to perform value-adding services and act as a fast, secure and cost-effective way of compensation.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
60,000,000 SCT
Team Members
Jukka Hilmola Co-Founder
Joseph al Sharif Co-Founder
Sami Suosalo CFO
Ville Valkonen Legal advisor
Sylwia Rogowicz Project manager
Tomasz Cichowicz Senior Developer
Anna Makowska Senior Developer
Vladimir Serbin Senior developer
Tomasz Klim Security specialist
Johannes Eret Creative manager
John Salinero Design director
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