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Open infrastructure, based on blockchain, which provides the possibility to create, train and use high-quality medical neural networks
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Skychain is an open infrastructure, based on blockchain, which provides the possibility to create, train and use high-quality medical neural networks. IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the healthcare sector to reach $200 billion in a few years. Skychain’s goal is to control more than 70% of that market!

The way to achieve this goal is to create the best open infrastructure that will accumulate the resources of the majority of participants of this industry and surpass any closed corporate product.

Neural Networks in Medicine

Modern neural networks can make a diagnosis using graphic research and analysis as good as the best doctors do. More than that - today independent laboratories and institutions, not large corporations, create the best neural networks. Soon there will be thousands of players in the market of neural networks development.

For neural networks programmers and developers Skychain is useful in three ways:

  • As a single marketplace, through which millions of doctors around the world will be able to access neural networks, paying a fee for each use of a particular neural network.
  • As a place for machine learning, where the developer can teach his neural networks (for a fee) using a large number of datasets provided by independent suppliers. As a result the developers will be able to create the deepest and most accurate neural networks.
  • As a distributed supercomputer capable of producing and processing more complex and accurate neural networks than local data centers and servers.

Skychain takes care of the intellectual property of the developers of neural networks. The developed and trained neural network, as well as the data set with which it was trained, are reliably protected.

Skychain also protects patient information by transmitting it in an impersonal form and using end-to-end encryption.

Blockchain and Mining

The blockchain technology is based on mining - combining the computing resources of millions of participants around the world. Skychain will make mining socially useful and more beneficial for all participants of this process, because the computing power of the miner's PCs will produce a commercially valuable service - the calculation of neural networks.

We have developed the “proof-of-deep-learning-training” and “proof-of-inference” algorithms that are at the heart of Skychain.

Skychain Users

Today, at least one diagnosis out of 10 is incorrect. Total losses caused by these errors amount to more than $ 100 billion per year. Skychain will improve the quality of diagnosis and drastically reduce the costs of insurance companies to pay for the treatment of their clients.

Using Skychain is beneficial for:

  • Physicians - at the expense of reducing reputational risks and possible lawsuits because of incorrect diagnoses;
  • Insurance companies - due to lower costs and increased profitability;
  • Patients - by improving the quality of diagnosis and reducing the expected cost and duration of treatment.

Skychain for providers of medical datasets:

  • It's a data marketplace where many providers of medical datasets can offer their data as a service for teaching of third-party neural networks;
  • Neural networks, which were trained using datasets provided by third-party suppliers can only be used within Skychain, thus the providers of the datasets will receive a guaranteed share of the revenue from all neural networks trained using their data;
  • The development of medical datasets will become a profitable business for those who own this data.

Imagine a doctor who consulted thousands of patients, read hundreds of scientific articles and is aware of all the latest achievements in his field. This is the best professional in the highly specialized sphere, and it is almost impossible to see him.

Combine all such doctors and this will be Skychain. It is getting better and more accurate with every new patient. Unlimited opportunities for development, is available from anywhere in the world at a competitive price.

Mission of the Project

Skychain is based on the concept of pure competition between market participants, to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible price.

  • Skychain software has open source code, any participant can check it. This will provide a high level of confidence in the Skychain infrastructure.
  • Skychain will provide consumers with the choice of all available neural networks uploaded by independent laboratories. This will increase the availability of neural networks for consumers.
  • The training of neural networks with the help of the computing power of Skychain participants will make this service affordable for any researchers and even for students.
  • Skychain's data marketplace will provide the possibility for the best specialists in the field of artificial intelligence to develop neural networks and teach them, using the medical datasets, which will contain more information, than any organization or country could provide. Due to this, no private or governmental project would be able to reach the number or quality of neural networks, created and trained via Skychain.

The mission of the Skychain project is to help people get high quality and affordable medical diagnostic services, speed up the progress and availability of neural network technologies and create an open distributed ecosystem that will effectively counter any attempts of monopolization by large corporations. We are confident that this will benefit all members of society.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
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20,000,000 SCH
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Gennady Popov Founder
Ivan Svistunov Chief technology officer
Alexander Kuzmin Chief operating officer
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