Rockchain is building a data processing infrastructure
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2017/11/01 0:00
2017/12/01 0:00
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100,000 ETH

Rockchain is building a data processing infrastructure. It wants to provide a distributed global infrastructure for data processing and highly configurable data access rights management.

The Rockchain infrastructure is solving the private public Blockchain dilemma. Rockchain is achieving this with two core features:

  1. An access rights orchestrator managing rights on peer to peer node connections.
  2. A script engine that can perform computation on private data without compromising the data privacy.
Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
100,000,000 ROK
Team Members
Sébastien Jehan CEO
Melanie Hadj Hamou Community Manager
Yosra Helal Blockchain developer
Oscar Luis Blanco Brito Golang developer
Aayush Anand Technical project coordinator and cloud architect
Cyrine Baccar BI Front Developer
Karim Mabrouk GO developer
Miguel Angel GO developer
Regis Gourdel GO and crypto developer
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