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2018/02/01 0:00
2018/03/02 0:00
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150,000 ETH

The world of covers the whole lifecycle of Blockchain innovation, from Angel & Venture Capital Investments, to Initial Coin Offerings, to exchange traded currencies and tokens. The leverage for’s early bird investors is much higher than with any other existing investment solution.

Therefore, we are actively scanning the market for blockchain start-ups with unique value proposition and high growth potential. We use our proprietary scoring and due diligence process and our team’s expertise in the field of alternative investments to find the best talent and technologies. With our long-standing marketing and legal experience, we multiply the chances for a successful ICO. For this valuable service, receives a significant profit share of the ICO proceeds.

Our tokenholders will benefit in every stage, from very early on.’s tokens receive proceeds from three sources: The management-, the performance-, and the ICO fees. will earn millions of commission earnings in a very short timeframe, making it a true blue chip investment for its token holders.

In the old economy, elite capitalists have monopolized such investment opportunities, leaving the public behind closed doors. democratizes blockchain investments, now everyone can join.

Unlike traditional Angel & VC investments, token holders can sell at any time. Bringing liquidity to Angel & VC investments is the most significant innovation over recent decades.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
100,000,000 PCO
Team Members
Reinhard Berger Chief Executive Officer
Christian Thurner Chief Operating Officer
Dominik Berger Strategist and Social Media Expert
Oama Richson Chief Communications Officer
Heinz Laubert Chief Financial Officer
Michael Neuhofer Web developer and security manager
Florian Engelmaier Security expert
Melanie Schauer Social media research and communication
Reinhard Widmeyer Software engineering
Nimo Zimmerhackl Graphic artist & photographer
Josef Najsel Webdesigner
James Vince Advisor, Security & Digital Marketing Expert
Julian Murphy Advisor, IT Security and Networking Engineer
Country Base
United Arab Emirates
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