Next-Generation Blockchain-based eSports Ecosystem
Project Overview
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2018/04/16 0:00
2018/04/30 0:00
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46,160 ETH

MTCash is a Decentralized and Blockchain-based eSports Ecosystem

MTGamer builds a decentralized platform with Blockchain technology and creates a multibillion ecosystem, We will:

  • Create decentralized Player Passport by blockchain technology.
  • Establish a transparent and reliable Social Network where executes rules of interaction and transaction by Smart Contract.
  • Form a secured eSports Database to store the data of players, tournaments, and transactions.
  • Organize licensed eSports tournaments to generate and collect the data of eSports.
  • Develop MTChain, a system with efficient performance by adopting an effective development framework at application layer, to conduct transaction with high speed, low cost, and strong security.
  • Raise the users and rich the system by compensating token to all parties contributed the decentralized platform
Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
1,000,000,000 MTC
Team Members
Mr. William Wong Chairman
Mr. Douglas Wai C.O.O.
Thronehs Chief Broadcaster
Ms. Nina Communication Manager
Mr. Kengi Szeto Production Manager
Ms. Amanda Yu Marketing Manager
Country Base
Hong Kong
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