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Modex story is all about easy access. Access to these new forms of exchange based on the blockchain. Modex is building a modern exchange ecosystem that is easy to use and trustworthy. Modex will provide a Smart Contract Marketplace, for the development and distribution of everyday smart contracts, with the complimentary transactional eco-system that covers B2B, B2C, and P2P transactions that are all necessary for widespread use.

As individuals and organizations worldwide begin to understand what blockchain is, the vast majority still struggle to implement it in their businesses or daily lives. Modex is building the exchange platform for smart contract development, deployment, and multi-currency social payments (this includes multiple fiat currencies and multiple crypto-currencies side by side). In doing so Modex will provide a blockchain-based solution ecosystem, addressing the most pressing use cases to help individuals and organisation alike access and engage blockchain technology in “the real world”.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

To tackle these problems several key things need to happen. It is not enough to simply offer a good multi-currency wallet, or crypto debit card both with backend liquidity. The market needs the ability to deploy smart contracts side by side with payments. In the payments industry there are important nuances that will need to be addressed by a variety of smart contract solutions. For example, consumer protection is well addressed by service providers such as Paypal and Visa, where consumers are given protection against fraud, or disputes with merchants.

Therefore, smart contracts will need to address concerns, and be integrated into both merchant payment systems, and consumer payment applications. This is precisely what Modex is building. Modex’s exchange platform for smart contract development, deployment, and multi-currency social payments will tie these worlds together, seamlessly.

The Modex platform is architected to offer the entire cryptocurrency community with the ability to engage with their preferred companies, customers, traders, and friends.

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Mihai Ivascu CEO
Graham Thomas CSO
Mark Bolsom Head of Business Development
Paul Mears CFO
Alin Iftemi CIO
Dragos Ilinca Head of Marketing
Florin Otto Head of Product
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