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Latium provides the opportunity for real-world adoption of cryptocurrency. Although crypto currencies have gained popularity, there is still a very real issue in global adoption. We believe this is directly related to a substantial barrier to entry in acquiring cryptocurrencies and the lack of acceptance as a method of tender.

The Latium Platform solves these issues by creating an easy to use market place where anyone willing to complete a task is rewarded with LAT tokens, making cryptocurrencies available to all. LAT can also be used for task creation, meaning that anyone needed a task completed can now use LAT to pay for the labor. This also gives LAT an intrinsic value within the system rather than the purely speculative value given to most cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Team Members
David Johnson CEO/Founder
Matt Carden CCO/Co-Founder
Ben Myers Design/Development Coordinator
Alexey Podgaynov Lead Back End Developer
Evgeny Makarov Lead Front End Developer
Moises Carmona Creative Director
Jose Duarte Graphic Designer
Daniel Alvarado Graphic Designer
Bob Slade Advisor
John McAfee Advisor
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United States of America
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