A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life
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2017/09/12 00:00
2017/09/26 00:00
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331,120 ETH
432,526 ETH

$50,000,000.00 raised in presale.

Digital services, such as chat apps and social networks, are bringing together communications, information, and commerce in new and unprecedented ways. The assimilation of economic value into communication systems are making digital services essential to daily life.

At the same time, more and more of these services are being controlled by fewer and fewer companies, leading to a future with less choice, less innovation, and ultimately, less freedom.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
10,000,000,000,000 KIN
Team Members
Ted Livingston Founder & CEO
Peter Heinke CFO & COO
Eran Ben-Ari CPO
Dany Fishel President, Kik Israel
Erin Clift CMO
Dave Simons SVP Engineering
Eileen Lyon General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
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