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120,000,000 IC

The newly created Ecosystem will be based on INGOT COIN “IC”, which will be listed on IC Exchange. The main purpose of this Ecosystem will be bridging the gap between the crypto and current financial worlds. Using the IC Exchange combined with the IC Brokerage along with transactions going through the IC Digital Bank and IC Wallet, participants will be able to smoothly and swiftly transfer their funds from the crypto world to the traditional instruments and vice versa. In order to support our vision in providing an efficient market, we will integrate liquidity providing entities in addition to our own liquidity pool. The ecosystem will provide 24/7 services to all stakeholders benefiting from the IC community and other aspects of the IC Ecosystem.

The Ecosystem will also include certified experts from the blockchain field whom are able to transfer knowledge by training, teaching and certifying interested individuals, companies and potential ICO Entrepreneurs through the IC Crypto Certifier, that later will be pipelined to the IC ICO Accelerator. The Community component will include advisors, attorneys, fundraising companies, tax advisors, token designers, blockchain developers and PR agencies.

The Ecosystem will provide unique payment solutions that will let clients manage their funds in a different way by giving them the choice of using Crypto currencies as a way of transferring or withdrawing their money through IC digital bank and IC wallets.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
120,000,000 IC
Team Members
Iman Mutlaq Founder
Ali Shibib CEO
Ali Faqih CFO
Zeid Madbak CRO
Bruno Bianchini Business Development
Hasan Al-Omari Business Analyst
Ahmed Khawanky CMO
Warren Whitlock PR & Marketing Adviser
Country Base
Republic of Estonia
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