World's first tokenized real estate fund
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2017/10/01 00:00
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65,000,000 USD

High real estate prices, banks’ tight lending standards and lack of knowledge are the biggest barriers to entry, that prevent people from buying homes and investing in properties. In addition, the rich are snapping up real estate around the world, making hard for people to own their own home. Most people are forced to pay high rents or move to less strategic locations. HomeToken is tokenized real estate fund that will provide every person an opportunity to profit from income-producing real estate, without the costs and risks of traditional real estate investments.

We provide an all-in-one solution for new and old cryptocurrency investors, to invest in high income producing real estate based in Asia’s emerging markets. There are no other real estate ICOs like us. In addition, we remove traditional barriers to entry to real estate investment by lowering entry and maintenance costs, and transformed real estate into tokens that are liquid and trade-able on cryptocurrency exchanges. Last but not least, we will hand pick and manage investment properties on our investors behalf. Every investment property will be documented on Youtube individually to improve transparency, grow our community and possibly provide additional income from ad revenue on our Youtube videos.

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Waves (WAVES) Blockchain
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100,000,000 HOME
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Andrew Yap Founder
Razman Sarit Chief Technology Officer
Martin Yap Chief Operating Officer
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