Do less, earn more with your chat bot
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2018/03/10 0:00
2018/04/30 0:00
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6,000,000 USD

Bottr is a smart - chatbot and cryptocurrency powered - messaging platform that makes life simple and rewards you for doing what you love. It not only helps you connect with anyone and manage things from one place but also lets you earn for your contributions through Botcoin as a native micro-payment method.

Token Platform
Own Blockchain
Token Supply Total
1,000,000,000 BOT
Team Members
Abhimanyu Godara Founder & CEO
Aghilan Paramasivam CTO
Girish Nalawade User experience, design and frontend engineering lead
Rajan Anandan Advisor, Google Asia MD, Angel investor, Co-founder Blue Ocean Ventures
Abhishek Gupta Advisor, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
Purvi Capital Investor, Early stage startup fund backing promising entrepreneurs
Ravi Srivastava Advisor, Professional Trader, Genetic Algorithmist, Managing Partner
Country Base
United States of America
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