An investment fund dedicated to modern masterpiece
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75,000 ETH

ArtCoin Fund is an investment fund dedicated to modern masterpiece. We are 3 enthusiast art collectors and investors, we started to collect art more than 15 years ago and in the last years we are buying masterpieces with values more than 750.000$. ArtCoin Fund will issue 750.000 ArtCoins, the first coin backed by a real fine-art collection. With Artcoin you can buy a piece of the fund, or a masterpiece already stowed in an international freeport. 5% of token will be burned every year.

We are creating value to the crypto ecosystem because we are allowing to use ArtCoin in the art market, which value is $65 billion every year. With ArtCoin the fund can buy art directly from private collectors, and token holders can buy the artworks in ArtCoin directly from the fund. ArtCoin will be one of the few tokens with a real and valuable underlying asset, the artworks. We are using blockchain also to register purchase and selling prices. We have not competitors.

5% of token will be burned every year.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
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750,000 ACF
Team Members
Fabrizio Marcolini General Partner
Axel Rondouin Investment Associate
Francesco Pandian General Partner
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