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2017/10/31 0:00
2017/11/30 0:00
Raised (Symbol)
50,000,000 LCD

Our mission is to make truly user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem. Lucyd owns a portfolio of 13 unique, exclusively-licensed AR patents that will allow for the development of an interactive AR display that is lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable, has a wide field of view, auto-adjusts to lighting conditions, accommodates corrective lenses and appears like a normal pair of glasses.

Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
100,000,000 LCD
Team Members
Cory Hallam Strategic Commercialization Lead
Michael Kayat Optics Project Lead
Eric Cohen App Development Lead
Harrison Gross Media Lead
Jose Enrique Hernandez Blockchain Lead
Konrad Dabrowski Finance Director
Janick Rolland Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Hao Li Science Advisor, Computer Science & AR
Chris Harrison Science Advisor, Computer Science, AR & Human-Computer Interaction
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